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At PurposePortfolio, we support the best work in the world.

Each of our portfolio field partners qualify for this support in at least one of the following ways:


They are EXPERTS.

These are individuals and organizations getting results. They have a track record of proven success addressing their issues and are among the most effective--and efficient--in their fields. Investing in experts channels resources to efforts we know work, enhancing scale and rewarding accountability.



These are individuals and organizations on the frontier of their issues. They are pushing boundaries and expanding intersections with promising new ideas that deserve to be tested. Investing in innovators nurtures creativity and keeps the field moving forward.



These are r oganizations who embody the values we espouse at PurposePortfolio. They create “for us, by us” programs; embrace radical transparency; pursue collaborative impact; and authentically evaluate their efforts. Investing in exemplars fosters the attitudes and behaviors that lead to deep impact.


How we choose partners.

We don’t have a checklist for what it takes to make the PurposePortfolio portfolio because no “40-point inspection” could get at the heart of what it takes to do the best work at each of the myriad intersections of sector, issue, geography, and culture.

So instead of forcing our partners through a one-size-fits-all check-the-box audit, we rely on the deep knowledge, shared values, and extensive networks of our in-field experts, called portfolio stewards, and radical transparency with our donors to offer a “seal of approval” built on expertise, trust, and community - not checking boxes.

All of our PurposePortfolio portfolio partners have the following in common:


    • Experts (heuristic: their results put them in the top 10% of orgs/individuals in their field)

      • They achieve demonstrably better results in their issue

        • For a particular population, in a particular community/context

      • They are aligned with the best research and theory on their issue

        • Recognized leverage points

        • Proven logic models

        • Industry-standard metrics

      • They are thought leaders on their issue

    • Innovators (heuristic: their new idea is one of the top 10 most promising in their field)

      • They challenge assumptions and take a different approach to impacting their issue

        • Different logic model, different metrics, different leverage points

        • Unique delivery mechanism, new incentives

      • They pursue collective impact around their issue

      • They are surfacing a new issue, or a new intersection of issues

  • THEY QUALIFY AS EXEMPLARS (heuristic: at least one 5-star rating, nothing lower than 3)

    • Community: They are thoroughly grounded in the communities they serve

      • “For-us-by-us” program design

      • Local leadership/ownership/control

      • Strong community ties--beyond “buy-in”

      • Deep, systemic understanding of issue in context

    • Transparency: They embrace transparency

      • Pro-active knowledge/best practice sharing, non-proprietary

      • Open and public about successes, failures, challenges, opportunities

      • Clear and accountable about finances

    • Self-Evaluation: They are committed to understanding their impact

      • Solid logic model/theory of change

      • Articulated definition of success and metrics

      • On-going evaluation plan backed by appropriate resources


Meet some of our partners.


Muso Designs

$5 gets a vulnerable patient diagnosed and treated right at home--preventing the spread of disease


One Acre Fund

$34 puts quality seed, modern training, and the power of the global market to work for a small-time farmer


Homeboy Industries

$24 pays for a day of mentorship and skills training for a former gang member on the road from jail to job.


Project Healthy Children

$1 provides full micronutrient fortification (vitamin A, folate, iodine, iron and zinc) for one child for a year


Domestic Violence Hotline

$8 ensures that when someone is ready to talk about domestic violence, someone is there to listen


Educate Girls!

$10 gets one out-of-school Indian girl enrolled in classes, and discovering the key to her future #education


Break-Thru Soccer Club

$10 provides a refugee youth soccer team (of girls!) with a brand new ball for practice and games


Feeding Forward

$15 rescues 100 meals' worth of food from a restaurant or grocery store and gets it to people in need


Riders for Health

$10 trains a rural health worker to safely ride and maintain an ambulance motorcycle.


Know an organization that might belong in our portfolio? Drop us a line and we'll check them out! 

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