Building a stellar company culture these days takes more than a ping-pong table and a well-stocked break room... but you knew that already.

Building a great team, a great company, today is about wellness, work/life balance, autonomy...and PURPOSE. More than half of millennials say they’d turn down a higher-paying job for one with a company whose work makes a difference in the world. And it’s not just millennials.

But corporate citizenship can be complex, frustrating, and expensive. Vetting good partnerships, balancing the interests of your employees with your company mission. And most importantly, knowing whether these efforts are actually making a difference--within your own organization and community, let alone halfway around the world.

That's why we built Purpose Portfolio.

Our products are turn-key fully-supported solutions that provide authentic, meaningful experiences for your employees, AND make a real difference in the world.


Meet the Team:


SaraJoy Pond

SaraJoy started one of the world's first purpose-based crowdfunding websites, TippingBucket.org, in 2009 and raised over $1M for 75+ successful projects. She's done non-profit evaluation work on 4 continents and across the US.


Nathan Wells

Nathan has 10+ years in technology leadership as a principal UI engineer and software architect for leading companies like Domo, Adaptive Computing, BetterServers, and AT&T.