See your impact. 

We hear you're looking to give your company a greater sense of purpose. You're talking to the right people. 

And at Purpose Portolio, we actually talk back. Far from the typical situation (where you throw money at your best guess of a quality charity and hope blindly that it makes some difference) accountability is at the core of our philosophy...and our business. Our impact reporting is about building relationships with the causes you support. So from the moment we launch a payroll giving program, your employees know not only how much they’re contributing and where those funds are going, but the difference they’re making and the lives they’re changing.



Launch Report

• About a Week After Launch
This report starts with one big number; your company’s projected giving for the next year, and the impact those donations will have though your partner organizations. It’s about helping  your employees feel like they’re part of something great. 


Meet Your Causes

• About a Month After Launch
People don’t really give to causes. People give to people. And this report helps your employees connect with those people. You’ll learn about how they live and work and how the causes you support impact their lives on a day-to-day basis.


Impact Infographics

•Once a Quarter
These infographics have a bit of something for everyone. They give a detailed view of how much has been donated and where it’s going, tidbits to connect employees to their causes and each other, and a visualization of your collective impact for the quarter.


Impact 'Postcards'

Here’s where it starts to get really fun. Impact ‘postcards’ are updates from your causes, perfectly packaged for today’s media: a 10-sec video from a child's first day of school, an Instagram feed documenting clinic construction, a text announcing the ribbon cutting on a community garden.